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I am a member of the Howick University of the Third Age and contribute to several groups.

Below are some of the PowerPoint presentations members  have used, here in .pdf form. 

(GL) are those I authored.

2023, 30th Anniversary 2 minute presentations

World of Art 1 Three Artists who Emerged

Movie Group Movies Over Three Decades

Writing Group 1993-2023 Current Affairs for 30th Anniversary 

Travel Group

Colleen and Robert Rigby: Trans Siberian Express



Lenard Nell: .... a presentation which gives interested parties a basic understanding of the structure and function of the human brain. It was, originally, developed for teachers, hence, "What Educators Should Know about the Brain" - but our members will find it interesting, too, if they wish to learn a little more about the brain ...

     https://len.ispring.com/app/ preview/169fe05e-fd9d-11eb- b098-321dad17f65d,

Margaret Nicholls:  A Fascination with the Afterlife 



(GL) Four British war artists part 1

(GL) Four British war artists part 2

(GL) Italian Maiolica

(GL) Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

(GL) Margaret Preston and Margaret Olley - two Australian artists

(GL) Titian and Veronese

(GL) William Robinson

(GL) Alfred Sharpe

(GL) Winslow Homer

(GL) Hans Memling

(GL) Egyptian Revival


(GL) Earth history from the bottom of the ocean

(GL) Genetics into history

(GL) Lidar and archaeology

(GL) Radiometric Dating

(GL) Spillways for dams

(GL) Biomarkers in Ancient Lakes

(GL) Waste to Energy

(GL) Polynesians Where they came from


 History of New Zealand

(GL) Two Auckland Harbour Points

(GL) NZ Water History

(GL) Auckland Graving Dock

(GL) Franklin the New Zealand Connection

(GL) The Great White Fleet in Auckland

(GL) Date of Arrival of the Maori

(GL) Auckland Museum

(GL) Why no Penal Colony in NZ

(GL) A Christchurch archaeological find

(GL) Auckland's Town Hall

(GL) Portages  Canals and Trains 


Aviation and Aerospace (Former Group)

(GL) Boeing 737

(GL) De Haviland Airliners of the 1930s

(GL) Catapult Launching

(GL) Parasite Fighters

(GL) International Airmail to NZ

(GL) NZ Antarctic Aviation


November 21, 2023