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I am a member of the Howick University of the Third Age and contribute to several groups.

Below are some of the powerpoint presentations I have used, here in .pdf form. 


Four British war artists part 1

Four British war artists part 2

Italian Maiolica

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Margaret Preston and Margaret Olley - two Australian artists

Titian and Veronese

William Robinson

Alfred Sharpe


Earth history from the bottom of the ocean

Genetics into history

Lidar and archaeology

Radiometric Dating

Spillways for dams

Biomarkers in Ancient Lakes

Waste to Energy

New Zealand History

NZ Water History

Auckland Graving Dock

Franklin the New Zealand Connection

The Great White Fleet in Auckland

Aviation and Aerospace

Boeing 737

De Haviland Airliners of the 1930s

Catapult Launching

Parasite Fighters

March 17, 2020