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1 DSCN3251.JPG (1626512 bytes) Egypt bundle 1  

Edwards is an oldie but a goodie

Boat beneath the Pyramid is a classic.

2 DSCN3252.JPG (2006125 bytes) Egypt Bundle 2


Romer is always a good read.

The Ramses one is the catalogue of an exhibition at Expo 86 in Vancouver sourced from the Egyptian museum Cairo

3 DSCN3253.JPG (1859036 bytes) Taken

Egypt bundle 3 

Carter is his account of the tomb contents - dry but definitive.

Top left is Christians Desroches-Noblecourt 1963 Life and Death of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen

Nubia is about the sites drowned by the Aswan high dam. Sorrell is a famous archaeological illustrator 

Bottom left is catalogue of exhibition at Queensland Art Gallery 1988

4 DSCN3254.JPG (1911284 bytes) Egypt Bundle 4 

Romer's best on Egypt?

Taschen high production values as usual.


DSCN3255.JPG (2214753 bytes)



A Glyn Daniel Bundle - Good writer - of course these overlap somewhat.

6 DSCN3256.JPG (2343149 bytes) Taken

UK Archaeologists Biographies.

Right is Wheeler's Still Digging - where he self glorifies more than a bit.

Crawford was the founder of Antiquity and a pioneer of aerial photography. His autobiography entirely omits his left wing political activism.

The Wheeler biography is an astonisher - a charmer but a user of people.

Aubrey and Pit-Rivers Pioneers of different ages.

7 DSCN3281.JPG (3510105 bytes) Taken

African Bundle

Kalambo a classic Paleolithic site.

Clark - an older summary in the Thames and Hudson series

Mary Leaky - an autobiography of her archaeology and of course covers her husband and his paleontology as well

Tassilli Frescoes - Desert Art which showed how it was once the scene of herding.


8 DSCN3282.JPG (1485711 bytes) Human Paleontology Bundle

Monkeys and apes - a popular review

Broom - a South African Pioneer - a readable account of his work

Piltdown Men So who was the forger?

Bottom Left Weiner - The Piltdown Forgery. The account of how it was exposed and the start of the who dun it.

9 DSCN3283.JPG (1978664 bytes) Taken

Physical Anthropology Bundle

Hands - You will never look at your hands again without wonder

Brace - long used as a textbook

Peking Man - Its discovery and a gripping account of the loss of the specimens.

Chardin - Philosopher seeking to reconcile evolution and Christian religion. A Jesuit priest come paleontologist.

10 DSCN3284.JPG (3615204 bytes) Human Paleontology Bundle

Richard Leakey - a popular account of his discoveries

Java Man - Erectus mainly - a popular account

Lucy - Early Australopithecine discovery- Johanson

Lucy's Child - and a bit later Johanson again

11 DSCN3285.JPG (3361831 bytes) Taken

Human Paleontology Bundle

Washburn was an influential book in its day. The current received view of erectus, sapiens and Neanderthal was cemented about this time.

Coon - a very controversial book in its day. Coon derived varieties of sapiens from earlier local erectus populations. Accused of racism in his day - but now we accept  DNA evidence of other contributions - if not total ancestral lines - with less difficulty.

12 DSCN3287.JPG (1331759 bytes) TAKEN

North American Ethnology Bundle

Indian Fishing - the many techniques of Northeast cost an interesting read in a NZ context.

Ishi - A most memorable and remarkable book. He was the last survivor of his his Californian band - living on covertly his own in his traditional way until taken in by an anthropologist who studied his lifeways with him in the field.  Sadly died not long after. 

13 DSCN3288.JPG (2335152 bytes) TAKEN

Astro Archaeology and Related

Decoded - is a review copy paper bound. Hawkins was much debunked - and he pushed his case far to far- but some of what he claimed is accepted today.

Richards is a relatively recent account - tho this field has been changing greatly of late

A Little History of Astro Archaeology - is good common sense applied to a field that does not always attract it.

Dorchester - some of the many other henge type sites known. (Without stones) Having read this I was always surprised at how the Time Team folks were always over the moon  on the couple of occasions they found new ones - they are not that unusual.

14 DSCN3289.JPG (1714717 bytes)  


American Bundle

Jennings was a mate of Roger Greens

`15 DSCN3290.JPG (2159131 bytes) Taken

Anthropological Lean

The White men about the reactions of indigenous people to the colonialist - much of it visual representations

Shapiro - human history with a strong anthropological lean - he was a physical anthropologist


Sahlins was an influential book in its time - arguing that for prehistoric people rarely operated against environmental limits.

16 DSCN3291.JPG (1937078 bytes) Taken

American Bundle 

17 DSCN3292.JPG (1786294 bytes)

China Bundle - popular accounts of the Xian sites

18 DSCN3293.JPG (2016426 bytes) Last Egypt Bundle

Left is Woldering: Art of the Pharaohs Art of the World series

Other is Aldred: Art in Ancient Egypt - New Kingdom

19 DSCN3294.JPG (2280945 bytes) Taken

Archaeology and Society

The Washburn volume was a game changer in its day in applying anthropological concepts to human evolution. Some of the ideas first skirted here continue into common views of how ancient humans might have behaved

Childe - always challenging but a bit more removed from anthropology.

20 DSCN3295.JPG (2331190 bytes) Taken

The New Archaeology

A couple of early texts from when everyone had to write one.

21 DSCN3296.JPG (1726571 bytes) TAKEN

Near Middle and further East


Catal Huyuk a beauty.

Three classic authors, Mellart, Wheeler, Glyn Daniel

22 DSCN3297.JPG (2204191 bytes) Near East bundle

Mellart again

24 DSCN3300.JPG (1658297 bytes) Taken

Stone Age Bundle

Grahame Clark, Bourdes, 

Oakley Man the Toolmaker- a standard in its day

Le Gros Clark History of the Primates Introduction to Fossil Man - strong focus on systematics

25 DSCN3301.JPG (1687103 bytes) Archaeology - what is it 1?

Fagan, Renfrew and Renfrew and Bahn 

26 DSCN3302.JPG (1755459 bytes) Archaeology - what is it 2?

Piggott, Clark and Campbell

27 DSCN3304.JPG (1722890 bytes) Miscellany

Flights to yesterday - Aerial archaeology - strong on Britain but flies elsewhere too

Prehistoric European Art -  well illustrated

Past at Work -UK Industrial archaeology

28 DSCN3305.JPG (1772163 bytes) Taken

Technology etc for the archaeologist

Digging up Bones a classic.


29 DSCN3306.JPG (3771488 bytes) A Miscellany

White the past is human - denouncing the astro / spaceman / lunatic fringe. Good read.

Belzoni - Pioneering archaeologist in Eqypt - - well archaeology of a sort. What he did was astonishing.

30 DSCN3307.JPG (2819648 bytes) Clarke - was this the future of archaeology?  - it seemed like it once. Sadly he died too young to put his many ideas to the test.


Attenborough - a popular account of Mediterranean civilization beginnings

31 DSCN3308.JPG (2722016 bytes) Butzer an introduction to Pleistocene geology and environments  relative to archaeology

Man the Hunter  (Ok it would not be called that today) - a survey (many papers) about the anthropology of hunters - with relevance to archaeology.  Very influential in its day. Gender studies fodder - yes it was, and there is a book Woman the Gatherer. 

32 DSCN3309.JPG (3706833 bytes) Oldies but goodies

Brothwell and Higgs - influential in its day

Oakley  was about how to do it without absolute dating - old tricks but goodies.

33 DSCN3310.JPG (3700737 bytes) Taken

Techniques bundle

Hogg is the basics of conventional surveying - not an electronic  instrument in sight/site (ha ha)

Crawford is mostly Britain with excursions elsewhere - with a surprising chapter on ethnographic analogies.

34 DSCN3311.JPG (1765616 bytes) Taken

American theory and application

Binford - an iconoclast with a high opinion of himself but worth reading

Wiley and Taylor - both standard Uni texts in their day

35 DSCN3313.JPG (1599750 bytes) Taken

Brit Bundle

Subterranean - Fogou and their ilk

Argyll-  Cup and ring art

Field Archaeology - good intro to the range of British sites.

36 DSCN3317.JPG (1625337 bytes) Early Man archaeology

Cole is an old classic  - European Neolithic oriented of course

Gowlett brilliantly illustrated.

37 DSCN3318.JPG (1926086 bytes) Taken


Wheeler - conventional review - nicely illustrated

Piggot - an old classic -- sweep of early Europe - as it was then knownU

38 DSCN3320.JPG (2119437 bytes) British Islands and beyond 


Fox and Sorrell - Introduction for younger readers - Aileen Fox later active in NZ

Hibben - an odd review 1958 seems to have Acheulian and Clactonian as traditions that represented different but parallel branches of fossil man.

New Grange ORiordan and Daniel    Famous Irish site.  - before the reconstruction


That's it - no more to come