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           Inverted Stamps          

Some famous inverts and links to sites about them.

New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps

New Zealand has a long tradition of using lighthouses on stamps. Heaps here about the lights, the stamps, the locations, their history, the designers and the issuer of many of them - the NZ Government Life Insurance. They are real stamps not cinderellas.

Chalon Portrait Stamps of New Zealand  

New Zealand's first stamps - a myriad of colours, papers and perforations. Some wonderful colonial 'make do' here but in the process some stamps were printed which have never been surpassed in their beauty and remain classics.

   Captain James Cook on Stamps

A favourite subject with many countries - even some with minimal association with Cook. This site looks at the origins of the images used on the stamps, covering portraits of Cook himself and some of his crew, the artefacts, ships and some of the places. Also a section on the first Cook issues of the countries he explored.

New Zealand International Flight and Airmail Covers  

The history of the first flights into New Zealand is one with many pioneering names and aircraft. Almost all early flights carried mail. This is as much an aviation site as a philatelic one. Lots of aircraft pictures as well as sections on the stamps and many illustrated covers.

New Zealand Antarctic Covers 

Philatelic history of Scott Base, Ross Dependency, and the scientific research carried out there.

   Thursday Island Australia Covers

With a bit of history about the island and the ships and events on the covers. 

Thames NZ Postcards -
OK - Not stamps but I like them anyway.