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Papers listed below may be utilised in any way. Acknowledgment of use is requested. 

Water Industry:

2009: Using Measurements of Contractor Performance to make Informed Decisions Regarding Services. (PowerPoint) 6th Annual Strategic Facilities Management Conference, Auckland.

2007: Alliance Post Mortem: Alliancing and other acquisition strategies in the water industry (MSWord)

2007: Pimpama Coomera Waterfuture Master Plan Implementation, PowerPoint, 2 parts of 5, Part 2, Part 4

2005: Contracting out services with long lived assets (pdf)  Local Government Asset Management Conference Auckland.

2005: Careers for leadership (pdf) IPENZ Conference Auckland.

2003: Setting Performance Standards for your Maintenance Contract, Maintenance Management Conference, Auckland (PowerPoint)

2000:  (with Rob Lorden)  Contracting Operations and Maintenance Services – Getting the Principal’s and Contractor’s Objectives Aligned Through a New Form of Contract. NZWWA Conference, Rotorua   

1999:  What Business are You In? Paper for NZWWA Management Course, Rotorua.

1997: Local Government Ownership in the Water Industry: Does it Add Value?. Paper for AIC Water Summit Conference, Auckland, February 1998.

1996: Customer Service, - An International Perspective. Paper to Local Municipal Engineers Association Conference (QLD) Conference, Caloundra

Climate Change:

2010: Link Trade and Climate Change Negotiations. Opinion piece in Carbon Market Australia-New Zealand 3(6):6.

2008: International Progress on Kyoto. Paper to Engineers for Social Responsibility – Sustainable Energy Forum.

2001:  Climate Change - The Hague Conference Failure: Where Next?  E.nz Magazine: The Magazine of Technical Enterprise, Vol. 2, No. 3, May/Jun 2001: 30-32


2000:  Managing Our Cultural Heritage in Archaeological Sites – A Role for the RMA and Local Government? (MSWord download)

1999: Clustering of Archaeological Entities - An Information Theory Based Approach

1998: Picturing the Past, Art and Analogy in New Zealand Archaeological Reports. Paper to NZAA Conference


R G Law

Engineering and Management

1986 "Water Use in Urban Auckland, New Zealand", Urban water demand management conference proceedings, Perth, W.A.

1987 “Some Recent Examples of Rehabilitation”, Proceedings of Symposium on Dam Safety, Rotorua, N.Z. Society on Large Dams.

1988 "Servicing Infrastructure", pp 95-105 in Bush, G.W.A. (Ed.), Auckland Now!, Auckland 2000!, Auckland Regional Authority.

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1992 "Accounting for Assets in the Water Industry", N.Z. Local Government Engineering.

1994 "Man bites Frogg: Water Conservation in the Auckland Region", Recycle Today 6:42-4.

2000 (With Rob Lorden) “Contracting Operations and Maintenance Services – Getting the Principal’s and Contractor’s Objectives Aligned Through a New Form of Contract.” NZ Water and Wastes Association Conference, Rotorua, Proceedings.

Archaeology and History

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