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Archaeology / Cultural Resource Management / Heritage Management


  • President, New Zealand Archaeological Association, 1982-84, 2002-04.
  • Convener directing group - site recording scheme upgrade project, digitisation project.
  • National Site Recording Co-ordinator, New Zealand Archaeological Association, 1977-80.
  • D.S.I.R./Archaeological Association Radiocarbon Committee Member, 1980-86.
  • N.Z. Historic Places Trust, Auckland Regional Committee Member, 1983-85.
  • IPENZ Engineering Heritage Branch Committee for 1990 Sesquicentenary celebrations.
  • Board of Auckland Institute and Museum 1986-88, 1991-95
  • General Manager Operations for Auckland Regional Council - responsible for ARC Parks.


  • Site protection in development projects, bringing together a rare combination of archaeological and civil engineering skills.
  • Heritage assessment.
  • Site protection: alternative development options, planning protection and ownership options development.
  • Site management: physical stabilisation, vegetation management, interpretation.
  • Radiocarbon dating: sample collection, selection and preparation for dating, results interpretation.
  • Numerical and statistical methods applied in archaeology.
  • Engineering heritage: significance and structural assessments, interpretation, restoration / stabilisation advice


  • Features erosion monitoring, Three volcanic cones - Auckland City Council
  • Monitoring and protection advice, Mt Eden. Auckland City Council
  • Survey and heritage assessment  Manukau Timber Company Mill - Huia.  Auckland Regional Council.
  • Survey and heritage assessment  Ambury Farm Park stonefield garden sites.  Auckland Regional Council.
  • Review of the Cultural Heritage Inventory opportunities and relationships - Auckland Regional Council.
  • Site interpretation One Tree Hill - Project Management - Cornwall Park Trust Board.
  • Shore erosion protection works, Sunde site, Motutapu. Lands and Survey Dept.
  • Site assessment for subdivision development with advice on proposal modification to avoid disturbance / need for further investigation, Mahurangi.
  • Water reservoir redevelopment and site protection/restoration, One Tree Hill. Auckland Regional Authority.
  • Erosion protection advice, Te Porere Redoubt, for N.Z.H.P.T.
  • Site survey and protection advice for subdivision, Taylors Hill, Auckland Regional Authority.
  • Parks acquisition and management plan advice regarding archaeological sites, Auckland Regional Council.
  • Historic places protection compliance advice, Auckland Regional Council operations.
  • Site surveys, Northland and Auckland.
  • Vetting samples submitted for radiocarbon dating, advice to submitters on samples and results.
  • Research and rescue project excavation experience as both participant and site director.
  • Organisation of marking and celebration of three engineering heritage projects for 1990 Sesquicentenary.
  • Site assessment for subdivision development with advice on proposal modification to avoid disturbance / need for further investigation, Orewa.

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February 08, 2019